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eNouvelle © is a fully dematerialized application it's 24H/24 accessible from any geographic location via the Internet, from your computer micro or laptop. This web application is powererd by Cogedis

eNouvelle © is a full dematerialized application, it's accessible 24H/24 from any geographic location via any Internet access on your computer

You dynamically manage your database
on your secure server

You import, create, copy, select and change,

  • Your contacts,
  • Your newsletters,
  • Your pictures,
  • Your Text messages,

Before sending your newsletters and / or your SMS no recipient has knowledge of your target, your audience and content,

  • You have the total control of your communication
  • Your keep a direct,interactive and customized relation with your recipients,
  • You schedule your letters for an automated delivery
  • You send your Text messages regardless of the operator

Send a customized and professional information from any location in world, 24h/24h

  • Preventive informations about risks, safety and public health,
  • Situation of an intervention in a workshop (your delivery is ready, an incident has occurred..)
  • Confirmation or cancellation of a meeting,
  • Event calendar for festivals, exhibitions, open house,
  • Corporate or civic communications,
  • Targeted promotions,
  • Review of assembly, meeting, convention, debate,
Operational organization eNouvelle

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Simple, fast and easy to use,
eNouvelle © scales automatically to your needs

  • You sort your data and your contacts according to your criteria,
  • You can select contacts on the criteria you set,
  • Multilingual optional depending on your needs,
  • Cross-platform, no installation is needed
  • Select your newsletters among many templates,
  • You can create as many templates of newsletters and text messages,
  • At any time you can import, create, edit, export or visualize your data, contacts, images,
  • Consult your statistics, deliverability, open rates, connections...

Power features of eNouvelle ©

Contact Management

  • You order, select, change your contacts by group, subgroup, activities, or whatever data you’ve collected,
  • A same contact may belong to several groups and subgroups without duplication,
  • You import or export contacts in Excel or CSV by choosing columns that fits your needs

Newsletter Management

  • You classify your newsletters in groups according to your organization,
  • You create or change newsletters by duplication of existing newsletters, by choosing among templates, or by creating a new one from scratch
  • You can generate alternative text to avoid being directly spammed,
  • You import or select the images from your media you want included in the newsletter,
  • You can customize fields with each recipient informations
  • A privacy policy link is included in newsletter body and displays various predefined legal texts,

Text Message Management

  • You order your Text messages by groups that fit your organization,
  • You create new Text messages or you can use existing ones
  • You can customize fields with each recipient informations

Classification Management

  • Use your own criteria for each contact attribute (function,activity,civility...)
  • Regular classifications are already provided with the application,


  • An interactive online guide that gives you all the tips for a full experience with eNouvelle ©


  • Application has restricted access with policies defined by the webmaster

Sending management

  • You select the recipients according to your criteria,
  • Unlimited number of recipients,
  • Scheduled sent to avoid saturation of your server to the host,
  • Delivery is provider independent,
  • Test and check your newsletter before processing,

Statistics and Report

  • Full report on open rates, clicks and subscriptions,
  • Smart bounce management ( unavailable server, spam filter, unknown address...)
  • Statistics for the webmaster,

You want more informations on eNouvelle©, or you want to test it, contact us